5-step Expert Checklist: Build Your Cyber Security Strategy on a Sound Risk Assessment

Whether you need to build a security strategy to comply with regulations, document due diligence or doing business in a secure manner, assessing your cyber risks properly will help you to positively drive change and evolution.


Take control of your security posture and start by assessing risks systematically

Risk assessment is a formal process. It can be used to identify, assess, and classify threats against an asset and determine the optimal mitigation control to reduce risk. It is a key activity of an organisation’s overall risk management framework. Its primary purpose is to help inform decision-makers about Cyber Security risks.

It takes only 5 steps to build a solid foundation

In over 20 years of supporting companies, ensuring information and cyber security, we have developed the following pragmatic approach:

1 Context

Establish the context of the risk assessment focusing on its objectives and scope.

2 Assessment

Perform the risk assessment that involves threat and vulnerability identification, impact analysis and determine risk.

3 Treatment

Decide on the risk treatment strategy.

4 Documentation

Document and communicate the risk assessment to decision-makers.

5 Monitoring

Monitor the risk assessment progress continuously against plan.

Performing a Risk Assessment

There are a number of methodologies that can be used to help organisations perform risk assessments. To assist you in choosing the right approach for your needs, we have created a compact guide in the form of a whitepaper. Benefit from our expertise by filling in this form:

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Download the free whitepaper