Talking Testing Tools

Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and Configuration Audit

Among the many aspects of operational security that organizations need to address, one common subject that stands out is that of technical testing to ensure that IT infrastructure, critical applications and data are protected from unauthorized access.


Strengthen Security Operations

The content will be especially useful for small to medium (SME's) sized organisations wanting to increase the maturity of their information security and  their technical testing capabilities in particular. 

That’s why it is not a technical "How to’ manual. Instead it focuses on the benefits and limitations of each tool, and covers:

  • Successful integration into business processes
  • Common mistakes and how to correct them
  • Align Executive Team expectations to what the tools can realistically do
  • Effective use of vulnerability scan reports (and how not to use them)
  • Differentiate between which tasks can and which cannot be outsourced
  • Latest trends and technologies to look at

Discover how to make the most of three common testing types:

  1. Vulnerability scanning;
  2. Penetration testing; and
  3. Configuration audits.

Benefit from our expertise to get started

Leverage CipherQuest’s extensive experience in the Caribbean and EU regions and learn how to strengthen you security operations. 

Whether you have limited resources or in-house expertise, are mandated to comply with legal, regulatory or business requirements, or your organization wants to improve the efficiency of existing technical testing processes then this white paper will guide you.

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